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Nell Shakespeare with Todd Terry


Collaborating with classic and emerging talent,

creating original music 

Nell Live Singer


Delivering passionate performances for all types of events & audiences

Nell - Wedding DJ at Can Gall (Ibiza Star Films).jpg


Spreading eclectic grooves from all over the world with heart 

Colorful Lights



Nell has proudly collaborated on over 20 releases on various labels, including Midnight Riot, Aventura, Slightly Transformed, Jalapeno Records, Bosh Records, Inhouse Records and King Street Sounds. 

She's always got a couple of projects on the go and is always writing original material. 

You can find her releases across all platforms. 

 - "Feel Good" with Mr Doris (Jalapeño Records)


todd terry closer.jpg
the finest 2022 midnight riot

Nell's biggest release yet
"Disco For One" with Birdee...
now featured on Midnight Riot's latest release - The Finest 2022.


with Planet Rock legend, Arthur Baker and
Todd "The God" Terry


- "Keep On" with DJ Passion (Purple Music)

"Dial The Dark In" is a pillar of the other side of Nell's writing. 

Soulful, contemporary & drawing inspiration from the vast cauldron of her collection, from Jeff Buckley to Joni Mitchell. 

There's plenty more where that came from... Click the link to see her live at Sofar Sounds Ibiza singing her original "Seagull in Flight".

Fusing dirty disco with electro and techno with Dylan Debut & David Coker.