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A New Way To Party with Movers 'n' Soul Shakers

Hey guys,

I am so happy announce a new event that I've co-created with couple of real colourful characters. Myself, Geniene Azalea and Jake Jervo are proud of present to you Movers 'n' Soul Shakers, an all-inclusive conscious celebration and you're all invited!

So our goal here is to elevate the party experience to be more accessible, more enjoyable, more spiritual and more aligned with our truest selves.

We'll begin the event with a guided meditation and freestyle yoga to stop intrusive thoughts and get into the beauty of the present moment. Using the natural power of the breath and then the body, we'll explode onto the dance floor, led by myself as DJ and vocalist, and some other amazing guest vocalists!

After this exaltation of affirmative disco grooves, we'll melt into a group sound bath and by 6pm, we'll be a roomful of rejuvenated souls!

If reading this, it's something you've never tried... could be a sound bath, a group meditation or a sober rave... I urge you completely to try them for size! I don't think I could think of a more happy and healing way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon at one of Liverpool's most reknowned venues, 24 Kitchen Street.

We'll going to pooling over 50 years of collective experience as dance floor instigators and healing facilitators and we really just can't wait to make you feel good!!

Dancing without the toxicity of alcohol and substances has been proven to have countless positive effects for mind body and soul including...

  • Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Improved heart function

  • Improved social relationships

  • Improved coordination

  • Elevated mood and happiness

  • Improved joint function

  • Feelings of euphoria!!

There are some guidelines that we want to put in place to keep things feeling good for everyone involved.

We want our party to make people feel free, accepted and celebrated!

Tickets are available now on SKIDDLE - LET MUSIC BE THY MEDICINE!!

Follow us now on Instagram : @moversnsoulshakers


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