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When Nell met David... Proudly introducing my first duo package!

As a musician, it's amazing to have be able to make connections through music. It doesn't require many words, it's far more about energy. Since I first met and performed with David Villefort in June 2020, I can't get enough of making music with him so here's a little more about us, whilst I proudly present a new full-day package for weddings including the combination of our talent! *proud face*

So I had been recruited to join a very exciting new band, as part of a live music party brunch, "Musicana". There was a couple of guys I knew and a couple that I didn't and David was a newbie to me.

We began preparing and rehearsing for a season ahead at one of San Antonio's longest standing party venues, Itaca, and his vibe was just really warm, inclusive and fun immediately, as well as being full of energy on his percussive set up!

Unfortunately, we were all still coming out of a pandemic but the venue was the perfect place to party and perform and I promise we tried our best to stay calm and seated!

Here's us rocking out one of my favourite belters "Show Me Love" by Robin S (of course) - such an electric vibe... and after lockdown, EXACTLY what I needed!

Fast forward a little bit and I was getting busier on my Saturday's with my weddings back on track (THANKYOU UNIVERSE!), so I stopped performing for Musicana, but was still super keen to keep playing with David so we got together to try it out with our acoustic instruments for those natural wooden vibrations.

And...? We both loved it!

The drive that came from David's hands thumping away on his self-titled 'Cajón of Love', mixed with my dynamic strumming and raw vocals, was a match made in heaven.

Here's us below in our first rehearsals covering the late and ever-so-great David Bowie's absolute stone-cold classic, "Heroes".

We soon started developing a repertoire of really great songs including house classics like "Touch Me" (Rui Da Silva) and "Bad Habit" (ATFC) as well as fantastic guitar hits like "Once In A Lifetime" (Talking Heads" and "Another One Bites The Dust" (Queen).

As well as enjoying the music, we just got to enjoy each other's company more and be inspired by each other.

David's had a super interesting life performing in exotic places like The Ivory Coast, Canada, Japan and most notably, Brazil, where he performed with Afro Rio, opening for Black Eyed Peas and The Chemical Brothers.

So we got a few performances under our belt, enjoying each one more than the last and quickly learning to read the thoughts of the other, as I love to play instinctively and go with the flow! This takes a certain type of musician to follow!

And then we started bringing our magic to the weddings and private celebrations with great success...


This brings me to introduce our FULL DAY WEDDING PACKAGE!

Download the PDF below and get in touch to book me and David as your musical dream team for your special day in Ibiza!

Balearic Beats Bundle
Download PDF • 1.45MB


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