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"Keep On" - First Release for 2023!

Soulful house to get your body moving and your spirits lifted, bought to you all from a collaboration with myself and DJ Passion.

Click the image to buy through Traxsource.

Starting way back in July 2020 - I had to scroll through a lot of dialogue to remind myself when and how we first started talking! Matthew Brady aka DJ Passion, had found me through a Facebook post singing "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye and impressed, sent through his catalogue of releases to see about working together on something. I loved the hits of garage and I could hear this was a talented producer so I was excited. Hearing more about his dedicated life making and playing music since the 90s, only solidified the collaboration even more.

During 2020, I was super creative and writing a lot so I was only too keen. In July, I would never normally have time to write, record and send stems. In the Summer months, I usually need a lot of vocal rest too, so I suppose we all have Covid to thank for that because by 30th July, Matthew sent me the first demo of "Keep On".

The whole vibe of the track is so enlivening and I needed a boost so the lyrics weren't a struggle.

We really did need to keep on keeping on!

Where did the other 3 years go?

Well, Matthew and his family did move from Singapore to Hong Kong at one point!

A lot happened for both of us!

But I am so glad to be announcing this release now!

We want it to motivate you through your headphones to run that extra mile!

We want it pumping on your stereo and driving you to sing along!

We want it dropped on the dancefloor to inspire smiles and stomps!

We did keep on keeping on... through the pandemic, through it all... Matt gotta deal confirmed to release with Purple Music and then winning Best Emerging Vocalist 2022 whilst I was backpacking in Mexico... it all just feels great to have music back out there, especially a tune I'm so proud of!

I couldn't resist putting it to some clips from my 2 months in Mexico exploring the culture of this incredible country! Check it out below!

When 1997 Purple Music was founded in 1997, nobody could have guessed which way the House Community would strike. Jamie Lewis recognized early on that groovy vocal tunes would be for dance floor, so already the first productions were designed in this direction. Today Purple Music is regarded as one of the most influential house music labels of the past decade. An international artist-pool, such as for example Sandy Rivera, Bob Sinclar, Cerrone, Michael Watford, and Robin S certainly helps!

Written by Dj Passion , Nell Shakespeare

Produced , Recorded and mixed by DJ Passion

Vocals recorded by Nell Shakespeare

Mastered by Richard Earnshaw

Published by Purple Publishing

P + C 2023 Purple Music


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